You Deserve Each Other

Author: Sarah Hogle
Published: 2020
Genre: Romance
Page: 258
Size: 1.5 MB
Language: English
Format: PDF
Price: Free

The book You Deserve Each Other is a novel written by Sarah Hogle which is published in 2020. The genre of this book is Romance. Continue reading to see more information and direct download link…

I think he’s going to kiss me tonight.
If he doesn’t, I just might die. It’s our second date, and we’re parked at
a drive-in theater pretending to watch a movie while sneaking looks at
each other. This movie is two hours and five minutes long. We have spent
one hour and fifty-five minutes not kissing. I don’t want to sound
desperate, but I didn’t contour a third of my body with this much
highlighter to not get any of it on his shirt. If all goes according to plan,
he’s going to be limping home tonight with ravaged hair and enough
shimmer powder on his clothes to make him reflective to passing cars.
He’s going to smell like my pheromones for a week no matter how hard he

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