Kisses and Scandal

Author: Shana Galen
Published: 2020
Genre: Novel, Romance, Fiction, Historical
Page: 250
Size: 1 MB
Language: English
Format: PDF
Price: Free

The book Kisses and Scandal is a novel written by Shana Galen which is published in 2020. The genre of this book is Romance, Fiction and Historical. Continue reading to see more information and direct download link…

“Philomena shivered in the drafty dining room of the grand country
house—and not only because of the snow swirling outside. The snow
was light and feathery and would melt before noon. Her mother’s wrath
would last much longer.
“Philomena, I simply do not understand what would cause you to do
such a thing,” the duchess said for perhaps the third time in so many
minutes. Viscount Knoxwood is not yet forty, has all his teeth and a full
head of hair, and is, if not wealthy, not in the poor house. Why on earth
would you refuse his offer?”

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