Die Next

Author: Jonathan Stone
Published: 2020
Genre: Novel, Romance, Thriller, Fiction
Page: 352
Size: 2.6 MB
Language: English
Format: PDF
Price: Free

The book Die Next is a novel written by Jonathan Stone which is published in 2020. The genre of this book is Romance, Thriller and Fiction. Continue reading to see more information and direct download link…

“At a crowded downtown GreenGirl Coffee, Zack threads his
way through tables of patrons in their own little worlds. Hunched over
laptops, earbuds in, Times or Journal or work files spread out around them,

checking their smartphones obsessively.
Zack finds an empty stool at the counter by the window and sets down
his muffin and his Americano Grande. The cute Latina barista had flirted
with him a little as she took his order. “I’m calling you Red,” she said with
an impish smile, writing it on his cup before he could give his actual
name. No mystery there. His wildly curly red hair. His calling card all his
life. Along with a warm, unguarded smile, which he deploys at the barista
in return…”

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