A Rose in Disguise

Author: Tarah Scott
Published: 2020
Genre: Novel, Romance, Fiction, Historical
Page: 94
Size: 1 MB
Language: English
Format: PDF
Price: Free

The book A Rose in Disguise is a novel written by Tarah Scott which is published in 2020. The genre of this book is Romance, Fiction and Historical. Continue reading to see more information and direct download link…

“January 1813
The Forfar Inn
Forfar, Angus, Scotland
Roslyn Grant clutched her cloak tightly about her throat as she
watched the coach pull away from the Forfar Inn. She shivered. What to
do now? The coach fare to Forfar had cost every ha’penny of her small
savings and had gained her but only another eight miles since yesterday,
for a total of forty miles from her villainous stepbrother, Teryn. Fear
twisted her insides. Would he really turn her over to his crony’s brothel as
he’d threatened? He had even threatened to kill her and leave her body in
the snow for the wolves if she tried to claim her dead father’s tavern as her

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